The Social Guidebook to Norway 1|2


This package includes Julien S. Bourrelle two social guidebooks to Norway:

An illustrated Introduction – 182 pages. 75 color Illustrations. 210mmx150mm, 4th Edition (March 2022)

Friendships and Relationships – 160 pages. 100 color Illustrations. 210mmx150mm, 2nd Edition (November 2018)


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An Illustrated Introduction is our best selling book on the Norwegian culture with more than 50 000 copies sold. It illustrate and explains the peculiarities that are first faced when interacting with Norwegians. The book has 75 illustrations with explanatory text that provides Norwegians with an outsider’s perspective on their culture and help them better understand the challenges foreigners face communicating, living and working with Norwegians. Foreigners get a fantastic social guidebook that will fast forward their integration and help them appreciate Norwegians and their society.

Friendships and Relationships illustrate and explains how Norwegians build and maintain friendships and relationships. It presents concepts including the logic of socialization, independence, leaving space, frame activities, conversations, flirting, dating, romance, how Norwegians raise children and live their relationships. This book has 75 illustrations with text explaining.

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