The Swedes


Soft cover, 192 pages, 100 color illustrations.

The Swedes replaces our popular book “The Social Guidebook to Sweden”. It has many new illustrations all in colors and explains the Swedish culture like no other book!

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The Swedes provides insights into the everyday life of Swedish people. It describes Swedish social codes with the help of entertaining illustrations.

“The best way to understand a new culture is when someone explains the local social expectations and unwritten social rules.”

If you are Swedish, this book will provide an outsider’s view of how common behaviours may be perceived by foreigners. If you are a foreigner, it is a useful tool to understand and connect with Swedes. It is your social guidebook to Sweden.

Julien S. Bourrelle is known for his work bridging culture in Scandinavia. He holds entertaining lectures and course about the Swedish and Scandinavian cultures. He is educated as a rocket scientist, he has lived in five countries and speaks four languages. Read more.

Keywords: Unwritten social rules, social logic, emotions, feedback, politeness, personal space, greetings, conversations, relationships with nature, sport, physical suffering, dating, friendships, gender interactions, equality, conflict, discipline, Jantelagen, organisation, social status.