Norwegian Food: Do they really eat this?


Norsk | English

128 pages, hardcover, 150mm x 150mm, 22 dishes, 50 illustrations, 1st Edition (October 2019)

English adaptation: Julien S. Bourrelle

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Stockfish | Lutefisk | Clipfish | Red Coalfish | Aquavit | Straight Fish | Mutton in Cabbage | Cod Tongues | Lefse | Pig’s Trotter | Sour Cream Porridge | Dumplings | Mølje | Reindeer | Flatbread | Brown Cheese | Old-cheese | Sodd | The Desk Cheese | Sheep’s Head | Stick-meat | Pork Belly

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Norsk | English

«Many say that the Norwegian food culture has never been as strong as it is now. This book presents with humour some of our most iconic traditional food.» – Arne Brimi, Norwegian Chef and founder of Vianvang

Welcome to the weird and surprising world of Norwegian food traditions. «Norwegian Food: Do they really eat this?» is an entertaining introduction to the 22 most notorious Norwegians dish developed since the Viking age and which continue to be popular today.

It takes the reader through the history of traditional Norwegian food, why Norwegians developed these dishes and how these allowed Norwegians to survive the harsh climate of this country at the top of Europe.

The book also provides the culinary background to understanding the surprising social behaviours you will observe in Norway. Understanding food traditions gives insights into how society works and how local people live and communicate.

«Norwegian food» goes hand in hand with our other books on the Norwegian culture. See out Norwegian Toolkit

The author is Chef Arnt R. Steffensen, president of the Norwegian diet and nutrition association. Arnt is known for his books on the Norwegian Aquavit, Cognac and Whisky.


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