The Social Guidebook to Norway 2


Norsk | English

160 pages. 100 color Illustrations. 210mmx150mm, 2nd Edition (November 2018)

This book follows The Social Guidebook to Norway: An illustrated Introduction. Also available on Amazon in BW soft cover here.

Keywords: Unwritten social rules, social logic, emotions, feedback, politeness, personal space, greetings, conversations, relationships with nature, sport, physical suffering, dating, friendships, gender interactions, equality, conflict, discipline, Janteloven, organisation, social status.

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With 100 easy-to-understand illustrations, it describes how Norwegians build and maintain friendships and relationships. It presents concepts including the logic of socialization, independence, leaving space, frame activities, conversations, flirting, dating, romance, how Norwegians raise children and live their relationships. This book explain the Norwegian culture using humor.

A fantastic description of our social codes and culture. It is a useful and entertaining outsider’s perspective that makes us Norwegians reflect about our own behaviours. 
– Carl Johan Bahre, Ett Bord Restaurant 

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